Atascadero, California
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Payment Policy:       There is no deposit required at the time of your reservation.  We accept cash and checks.
                                Please have payment ready at the time of set-up.  Any dishonored checks will be submitted
                                to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorneys Office for prosecution after one attempt 
                                to resolve any payment issues.

Cancellation Policy:  You may cancel your reservation at any time prior to delivery of the unit.  Once the unit 
                                has been delivered there will not be any refunds.  Please note that in times of adverse
                                weather we reserve the right to cancel your reservation prior to set-up. 

Use Policy:               At no time may any of the units get wet.  There are no shoes, food, drinks or sharp objects
                                allowed in the units.  Silly string is
NOT permitted in or around the bounce house.  This can
                                permanently damage the unit and the customer will be responsible for repair and/or 
                                replacement of the unit.

Delivery:                  We will do our best to deliver your unit 1/2 hour prior to your reservation and return 
                                within 1/2 hour at the end of your reservation. Please note that due to varied reservation
                                schedules this is not always possible and we may request that you be available to accept
                                your delivery early and allow for a later pick up. 
                                If your event is being held at a park or other public place this may not apply to you.

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